President’s Grant

At American National University, We Bring Our University to You

           Sometimes, life gets in the way of even the most well-laid plans. You came to us with a dream of a better life through education. Somewhere along the line, that didn’t work out.
           We believe in a fresh start. ANU is once again offering the 
President’s Grant for students who wish to again begin their studies at American National University* in the upcoming term beginning on August 9, 2020.  If you have withdrawn from a prior term you may now return, and under very liberal institutional policies, have any past outstanding debt** to the University eliminated after attending continuously for more than one term.
           To assist in addressing any family or employment issues, this program is available to students taking 
as few as two classes per term . This will ensure that you do not have to take on more of a class load then you may wish to handle at this time. Further, students are encouraged to re-evaluate their career goals to ensure they have selected the best program of studies for their interest.

*American National University was formerly known as National College
**Note: the University cannot eliminate any Federal loan debt that you have incurred.